When you visit a doctor the first thing that they ask you is about your history and if you do not have a clear description that is when they do take a physical examination. The male hormones levels should be right otherwise they can lead to issues of having problems in getting an erection or even premature ejaculation. There are some cases when the doctor may request you to see an urologist or any profession whose specialty is in sexual dysfunctions.


It may take time for the doctors to find the right type of treatment that will suit you. Some of the options that can be used for treatment for premature ejaculation do include counselling, taking medicines, topical anesthetics and the behavioral techniques. The most effective type of treatments are the behavioral treatment and taking of medicines.

3.Behavioral techniques

They are quite simple and I do not think it can be hard for you to follow the steps. You can be advised by the doctor to make some decisions that can be quite helpful in your treatment process. You can decide to avoid sexual intercourse for some time and find other sexual plays this will help in removing the pressure that one encountered during sex. Some people can opt to masturbate a few hours before you have sexual intercourse. This will help you delay your ejaculation.

4.Male pelvic floor muscles

When you have a weak pelvic muscles there is a high chance of you having issues with ejaculation thus why you cannot hold it for long. Do the pelvic floor exercises as they strengthen your muscles. You need to find the right pelvic floor muscles by tightening the muscles that do keep you from holding the gas or you can stop urinating in midstream. You can choose the kind of position that you want to do the exercises as already who identified the right pelvic floor muscle.

The easiest exercise is when you are lying down on the floor. To perfect the technique always hold the contraction for a few seconds and take a break for a few seconds. You are supposed to do this repeatedly. When your muscles get stronger you can do the popular exercise known as Kegel by walking, sitting or even standing. Do not lose your concentration on the pelvic floor muscles. Do these exercises at least 3 times a day and aim in completing 3 sets 10 times repeatedly. Make sure that you do not flex the buttocks, thigh and the abdomen muscles.

Do not hold your breathe. Breathing is very necessary while doing these exercises.

5. The pause and squeeze process.

The doctor can also advise you to try out this method. It entails:

a) Start the sexual process normally that includes the penis being stimulated until you feel like you are about to ejaculate.

b) Your partner can squeeze your penis for a few seconds until ejaculation feeling goes away. The head should be joining the shaft.

c) Your partner should repeat this process of pause-squeeze for some time that is every time that you feel to ejaculate . When the urge finally goes

away you do not have to repeat this process. Practice makes perfect right?

If you keep repeating this process you learn to delay ejaculation and you no longer have to use the pause-squeeze technique. There are some people who can be feeling pain or discomfort while using this technique. Do not worry there is a process known as stop-start technique whereby you can stop the sexual stimulation before an ejaculation and wait until the levels of arousal go down then you can start over again.


Climax control condoms are quite affordable and are available even on the chemist counters. Condoms usually do decrease the sensitivity of the penis which is quite effective in delaying an ejaculation. They do have properties lie lidocaine and benzocaine and are made up of latex that makes them effective in delaying an ejaculation an example is durex.


The doctor gets to decide the right kind of medication for you to take to delay ejaculation.

8.Topical anesthetics.

Benzocaine, lidocaine, procaine are the type of agents that are in the anesthetic creams. Their main purpose is to delay ejaculation. You are supposed to apply products on the penis a few minutes before you have sex to reduce the sensitivity hence delaying ejaculation. The products ard available over the counter. Consult the doctor so that you can find out the right topical anesthetic product to use that will not have a side effect to you. It usually reduces the sexual pleasure. Be cautious as your female partner can also be affected.

9.Oral medications.

There are plenty of medication that can delay you from having an orgasm but there is no approved drug by Food and Drug Administration that can treat a premature ejaculation. You can use analgesics, antidepressant or phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors daily or when on demand. The doctor can give you another type of medication to combine them all together for treatment but mostly they are prescribed alone.

The only side effect that the antidepressant has a delayed orgasm. The Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) such as escitalopram (Lexapro), fluoxetine (Prozac, sarafem) and sertraline (Zoloft) are basically do help in delaying an ejaculation. These type of medication takes about 10 days to start working but it can take two or three weeks for you to see how effective it works. It has some side effects like nausea, drowsiness, reduced libido and perspiration.

Analgesics has side effects like headache, nausea, sleepiness, dizziness and delayed ejaculation. Delay ejaculation is a positive side effect in this case as it is the main reason why you should be using the analgesics. The doctor can also advise you to combine Tramadol with the SSRI.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated by medication such as sildenafil that is Viagra and revatio, tadalafil (Cialis and adcirca) and orvardenafil (Levitra and staxyn) do help in premature ejaculation. The unwanted side effects do include indigestion, headache and facial flushing. Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibito

There are 2 things that every man is often insecure: penis size and sex. In other words, they pride themselves on the duration in bed and believe that an above-average penis size can bring amazing experiences to their partner.
The capability to finish quickly and early might be advantageous in most tasks, but this is not correct for sex. There are many problems happening during this process that can make a significant reduction in the time. Fortunately, there are many health tips, treatments, and behavioral changes that can tackle this issue. Below are some useful tricks to last longer in bed with your partner.

Possible treatment in the coming years

Several scientific studies have proven that premature ejaculation can be treated by using the right medication. However, it still needs further research. For example:
– Dapoxetine: While this SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) is now used for clinical tests in the US, it is a common drug for treating premature ejaculation in many countries.
Modafinil: Also known as Provigil, it is often used for treating a sleeping illness called narcolepsy
– Silodosin or Rapaflo: It is a common solution to gentle prostatic hyperplasia or prostate expansion


In this method, a psychological therapist may ask the patients several questions about their jobs or relationships. This can aid in alleviating anxiety in sex and providing greater options to deal with stress.
Generally, consulting should be applied with taking medicine to bring the best results.
Due to premature ejaculation, a man would experience a loss of intimacy with his girlfriend or wife. This results in some negative feeling such as distress, annoyance, embarrassment, thereby increasing the gap between them.
Similarly, the female would also get annoying when their sexual closeness alters. Thus, consulting and sharing are helpful to help the therapist understand the problem.

Other therapies

In addition to common treatments, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga are some alternatives to help men last longer in bed. Nevertheless, it still needs further research to confirm the results of these methods.

Consulting preparation

Feeling ashamed is very common when people share with the others about their sexual issues. However, these are curable and normal illnesses that happen to millions of men all over the worlds, so it is advisable to openly share your stories with the therapists. Being open about your sexual problems makes it easier for the doctor to provide the right method.

What should you prepare before a consulting session

– Pre-consultation rules: Before getting started, make sure to find out if there are any rules that need to be followed before the appointment.
– Indications: It is better to notice the amount of time that you come after having sex as well as the expected amount of you and your sexual partner.
– Sexual background: Before going to the consulting session, make sure to have a look at your sexual history. Did you face any issues with premature ejaculation? If yes, then when and with whom?
– Medical record: Make a list of any health problems that you have been faced, both mentally and physically. In addition, it is best to know all drugs that you are using right now or recently, including OTC and prescription medications.

Common things to ask an expert

During a consulting session, be open to share and ask the doctor any questions relating to your sexual problems, including:
– What might be the reasons for premature ejaculation?
– Should you take any clinical trials?
– What are the possible solutions to this problem?
– How long does it take to improve your sexual life?

What can a consultant provide the patient?

To understand the problem well, most doctors often ask several private questions or even have a talk with the partner. Therefore, you should prepare the answers to the following questions:
– What is the frequency of having premature ejaculation?
– Do you remember when you face this problem first?
– Does premature ejaculation happen when you have sex with a particular partner?
– Does this problem happen during masturbation
– Does premature ejaculation happen whenever you have sexual intercourse
– How many time each week do you have sex?
How about now?
Making a decision to share your problems with a therapist is a significant task. But right now, you should find out other methods to help bridge the gap between you and your partner. Do not worry when sexual problems cause you to feel anxious or annoyed because this is a curable illness